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SOP documents change

Effective Monday, April 1, 2013, users will no longer be able to “SAVE” a Small Order Process document containing a Vendor Catalog vendor. All vendor catalog orders with “S” numbers must be paid for using a purchasing card.

Images for SOP documents

Before clicking the “Submit for Approval in ePro,” click on the “View Invoice Image” link and review the fax documents to ensure the documentation is correct and viewable. Click the “Accept Image” button if the images are acceptable or the Delete Images if the documents need to be refaxed.

If you have problems with or questions about ePro, contact the Help Desk by calling 919-962-HELP or by creating a help request from the UNC website. In the “Type of Help Needed” field, choose CONNECTCAROLINA_ePROCUREMENT so that your request is routed correctly.

To view a variety of training options and materials, visit the ConnectCarolina ePro training page at

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