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Agilent Technologies Available in eProcurement

Effective today, the Agilent Technologies catalog is available as an eProcurement Vendor Catalog. You will be able to log in to eProcurement, place your order with Agilent, and have it billed to your University account.  All future purchases from Agilent need to be made through ePro.   Orders can only be placed with this vendor through Vendor Catalog.

ONYEN and Password Caution

If a vendor’s ePro site asks for your username and password, DO NOT ENTER them because you think it is a required step to access the ePro vendors – it is not.  This usually indicates an issue with the vendor’s punchout site.  If this occurs, please close the browser and place a remedy ticket by calling 962-HELP, or going to The ticket should be addressed to CONNECTCAROLINA-EPRO.

Window Shopping with Two Vendors

Recently, users have reported issues when window shopping using one Internet browser.  This has led to two different vendors’ parts/items being included on the same purchase order.  To prevent this from happening, please follow the steps listed below if window shopping or comparing two vendors.

  1. Two different browsers should be utilized (i.e. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox).
  2. Once the vendor is chosen, close the other browser before placing the order with the selected vendor.
  3. Click Create Order on the menu on the left hand side of the page under eProcurement.
  4. Follow normal procedures to place order in chosen vendor catalog.

If you have problems with or questions about ePro, contact the Help Desk by calling 962-HELP or by creating a help request from the UNC website.  In the “Type of Help Needed” field, choose CONNECTCAROLINA_ePROCUREMENT so that your request is routed correctly.

To view a variety of training options and materials, visit the ConnectCarolina ePro training page.

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