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To:    University Business Managers
Finance Employees
From: Troy Howell, Finance Training Coordinator
Date: Jan. 14, 2013

In the past, only Internet Explorer (IE) 8 could be used to access Viewstar documents. However, IE 9 can now be used, with a few minor modifications as follows:

Configure IE 9 to always use Compatibility mode views for particular web sites domains. Only configure this for local UNC-based websites ( and not public internet web sites external to UNC network.

Select Compatibility View Settings from IE9’s Tools menu and type in this box, and then click the Add button.
Click the middle check box to ensure all intranet sites are displayed in Compatibility View, and then click Close.

Images for SOP documents reminder

Before clicking the “Submit for Approval in ePro,” click on the “View Invoice Image” link and review the fax documents to ensure the documentation is correct and viewable. Click the “Accept Image” button if the images are acceptable or the Delete Images if the documents need to be refaxed.

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