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To:     University Business Managers
University Accounting Personnel

From:  Mark Kozel, Director, Financial Systems and Controls
Kathi Wimmer, Finance Training Coordinator

May 19, 2008

The Finance Division is pleased to announce that Overload Payment and Summer Salary Payment Reports can now be viewed using Finance Data Warehouse Reports.

The Finance Data Warehouse can be accessed through the Finance Central link, or directly from the UNC Single User Sign On page.  When you pull up the link for Finance Central, click the link to Finance Data Warehouse on the left hand side.  (You do not need to log in to Finance Central.)  This link will take you directly to the UNC Single Sign On page where you can log in to the Finance Data Warehouse using your ONYEN and password.  Please check your existing book marks to be sure you have the correct location bookmarked.

A link to Finance Central is found on the Finance Division Web page. There is a brief computer based training and online manual that all users should review prior to using the Finance Data Warehouse. To access the training and manual from the Finance Division web page, click on the Training tab, then Reporting.

To obtain access to Finance Data Warehouse, please submit a Consolidated Financial Systems Access Request FormNOTE: The Finance Data Warehouse gives access to confidential payroll information and detailed financial reporting information. Access allows users to view the financial data maintained in the system.

Please share this information with your business, accounting, and managerial staff and faculty.

If you have questions about access, please call Rosa Nolen, FRS Coordinator at 919-962-5153.

If you have questions about training, please contact Kathi Wimmer, Finance training Coordinator, 919-843-3069 or e-mail

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