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To: University Business Managers
From: Janet Rupert, Director, Logistics
Date: September 25, 2012

Finding and trading equipment within the University is easier with a new Procurement program called the Asset Management Trading Post. The Trading Post is an informal online marketplace that allows lab managers, business managers and other University employees to find equipment available from other departments, or to publicize equipment available for trading.

By keeping still-useful items within the University, the program saves dollars for departments and the University and promotes sustainability principles and re-use.

Campus departments have requested an interdepartmental exchange program for several years. Now the program is in place and we encourage departments to post and search using the program.

To fulfill this campus need, Procurement Services will compile and post listings of items wanted and items for exchange which would otherwise not be known to the wider campus community.

By viewing the listings of University equipment that is no longer needed (but is still useful), departments can identify and acquire equipment for a reduced price from other departments within the University. By posting wish lists, departments provide notification to other departments of items needed.

Potential traders can access Asset Management Trading Post instructions and forms on the Logistics website. There, they can select the link for Asset Management Trading Post forms. Staff wanting to trade an item will need to complete and submit an online form to have the item posted. Those seeking items can fill out and submit a separate form to have the wanted item listed on the site.

People who find items they want can contact each other and set up an offline transaction to exchange the item(s). Reimbursement between departments is accomplished through a journal entry. Departments must notify Asset Management with the new location of the exchanged equipment.

The Trading Post will list equipment available for exchange and equipment wish lists for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days, with new items appearing continuously. For more information, contact Janet Rupert at

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