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Please note that SPA Exempt schedules in TIM will be removed as of Monday, February 13, 2012.  Please notify all SPA Exempt employees in your department(s) of this upcoming change.  Examples of SPA Exempt timecards with a schedule and without a schedule are in the attached document, ‘SPA Exempt Timecards.’

  • SPA Exempt ‘hours worked’ appear in timecards only when a schedule has been created and does not reflect an SPA Exempt employee’s actual hours worked.
  • The University does not require SPA Exempt employees to enter their hours worked in TIM.
  • SPA Exempt ‘hours worked’ are not sent to Payroll for payment since SPA Exempt employees are set to Auto Pay in Payroll.
  • The ‘hours worked’ rows that appear in the timecard when a SPA Exempt employee has a schedule, makes it more difficult for the employee to enter their leave taken in TIM.

Therefore, Finance and Human Resources Executive Sponsors determined that it would be beneficial to remove SPA Exempt schedules in TIM as of Monday, February 13, 2012.

  • SPA Exempt employees will still be able to enter their leave taken in their timecards in TIM.
  • Specific SPA Exempt pay codes, like ‘SPA EX Shift Differential Hours’, and hours can still be entered in SPA Exempt employees’ timecards for those employees and shifts that qualify.  Only SPA Exempt specific pay codes and associated hours are extracted from TIM and sent to Payroll for calculation of payment.

Please contact TIM Support with any questions at

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