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To: University Business Managers, Procurement card (P-Card) holders and reconcilers

From: Martha Pendergrass, Director of Procurement Services

Date: December 29, 2011

We have recently implemented new enhancements to the P-Card system as outlined below. These are broken down between visible modifications and behind the scenes changes. As always, please contact us if you have further questions.

Visible modifications:

  • The first time a user logs into the card page, the screen will show the user’s default department number. The system will now retain the search information entered by the user (department or card number) between tabs. For example, my default department is 7110, but I need to look at department 7120 (and have the proper access to do so). If I change the department to 7120 on any screen and click Search, this department number is now considered the default, and will carry over to any other tabs I select (Updates, Approvals, etc.).
  • A Comment field was added at the transaction (summary) level. It is a 200 character, optional field that can be used for summary transaction comments. These comments will appear on the transaction lines if the information is exported in Excel.
  • The initial commodity code description will pre-populate the Description field once the magnifying glass (search) symbol is clicked.
  • The timeout message has been modified to give more information to the user regarding the steps needed to log back into the system as follows:

______________________”Error Status”
“The following error has Occured in processing your Request:”

“Your PCARD session has timed out after a period of inactivity. In order to regain Access to the pCARD system, you must go back to the FRS logon page and re-logon to the system.”__________________________

System modifications (invisible to users):

  • The rule for determining the reconciliation ending date is now: if the period ends on the 20th and falls on a weekend, the last day of the reconciliation is the next business day (same rule as the old Pcard system).
  • A PID field was added to the summary/detail tables, which documents who updated the transaction or performed the reconciliation.

In the meantime, if you have questions about Pcard, send them to Hua Shen at or 919-962-2255 or Dale Poole at or 919-962-3477.

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