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To: Business Managers

From: Chandrika Rao, Director of Accounting Services

Date: October 18, 2011

We are pleased to announce that the Money Market Income Distribution System was rewritten to a web-based system and was placed in production in July 2011, in time for the first quarterly cycle. The Financial Records System (FRS) has been updated with a quarterly distribution of income in September 2011.

The quarterly statements for an individual account’s participation in Money Market System (MMK) have been placed on the web rather than on ePrint at Finance Central. The statements from the new web-based MMK system include the same information as before, although in a different format. A new feature has been added to provide the percentage rate for the quarterly distribution. The user can access the statements from “Money Market Reports,” an index item on the menu, located on the left side of the Finance Central Login page. The users should click on Money market Reports and follow the prompts, using their Onyen and password to view the statements. The system will retrieve the statements based on the user’s access level to FRS.

If you have questions about access to the statements, please contact Rosa Nolen in the Office of Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance, at 919-962-3722 or email If you have questions related to the information reported in the statements, please contact Elaine Crumpler in Accounting Services, at 919-962-4546 or email

Thank you.

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