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Ordering Non-Catalog Items from Dell

It is now possible to place orders through eProcurement for items that Dell offers that do not appear in their eProcurement catalog. To get a quote for a non-catalog item, call or email the University’s Dell representatives, David Corcoran at 919-345-6530 (, or Sean Lough at 512-513-9314. Their sales staff will reply via email with a non-standard quotation. To purchase the quoted item through eProcurement, please reply to the sales representative and ask that the quote be added to the ePro site.

Once Dell replies that they have added the quote to the eProcurement site, login to eProcurement and click out to the Dell site as usual. Click ‘Quick Links’ in the upper right corner, then ‘Custom Links’ and ‘Non-Standard Quotes’. Find your quote number in the list and select ‘Add to Cart’. Click ‘Create Order Requisition’ and complete your eProcurement checkout as usual.

Free Reagent Shipping from PerkinElmer on Thursdays

PerkinElmer offers free shipping on all reagent orders placed through eProcurement by 4:45 p.m. on Thursdays.

Receiving No Longer Required in eProcurement

In response to campus requests, receiving has been removed from the eProcurement Vendor Catalogs. As of August 26, you no longer have to receive your orders in eProcurement. The receiving reminder emails that were previously sent weekly after you placed an order have also been discontinued.

Please note that this does not change the way you are billed for eProcurement orders. Billing for eProcurement will continue to be based on when the vendor ships and invoices your order.

If you have problems with or questions about ePro, contact the Help Desk by calling 919-962-HELP or by creating a help request from the UNC website. In the Type of Help Needed field, choose CONNECTCAROLINA_ePROCUREMENT so that your request is routed correctly.

To view a variety of training options and materials, visit the Finance ePro training page.

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