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To: University Business Managers

From: Troy Howell, Finance Training Coordinator

Date: April 14, 2011

Many of you may remember that Finance Training formed a campus committee to develop a training syllabus for various levels of campus financial personnel. The work of that committee and the subsequent working group was to define and design needed core skills training in preparation for ConnectCarolina.

To begin to address that need, several web-based training modules recommended by the group have now been completed: internal controls and basic accounting.

The UNC-Chapel Hill Accounting 101 modules provide a high level overview of the accounting process at the University. Part 1 gives the user information on basic accounting rules and concepts along with the account code structure used at UNC-CH. Part 2 builds on the information discussed in part 1 to provide a better understanding of fund accounting and the different types of accounts at the University.

The Internal Controls module provides a high-level definition of internal controls and explores why they are essential to the University and its operations. This module also discusses the main types of fraud, the warning sides, and how to report fraud.

These modules are not meant to take the place of previously created material related to accounting and internal controls, but rather to provide an additional tool for campus to use. Both new modules are an excellent starting point for new accounting and business staff, because they provide valuable core information and can be completed in under an hour. These modules, along with prior finance modules, manuals, and computer-based trainings, can be found on the Finance Training webpage under the Accounting and Internal Control sections, respectively.

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