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To: Business Managers, ePro Vendor Catalog Users
From: Martha Pendergrass, Director, Procurement Services

Airgas Purchasers: Change Ship-To Address

If you buy gas cylinders from Airgas, be sure to change the ship-to location on the order to the final destination.

Unless you change your ship-to address, ePro uses your default location, which is probably your office. Airgas cannot deliver gas cylinders to an office, so forgetting to change the ship-to location can cause your delivery to be delayed.

CDW-G: Handling Substitute Items

If CDW-G needs to substitute an item that you’ve ordered, you’ll need to place a new order for the substitute item. CDW-G’s invoicing system cannot handle substitutions. CDW-G will only bill for the substitute item, not for the item it replaces.

So that ePro doesn’t keep sending you reminder emails to receive the item that was replaced, go into ePro and mark it as received (even though the item will never arrive). For your records, you can enter a comment about the substitution when you enter the receipt (use the speech balloon icon beside the Accepted Quantity field).

Note: Remember that entering receipts in ePro is for auditing purposes only. Marking an item received in ePro does not affect whether the item is paid for.

Airgas Purchasers: What to Do if the Airgas Catalog Asks You to Log On

If you are shopping the Airgas catalog and are prompted to log in when you try to search, browse, or add an item to your cart, that means your browser cookie settings need to be changed. The linked document lists recommended settings for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (the two supported browsers for the Vendor Catalog part of ePro).

Reminder: Staples, CDW-G, Applied Bio, Sigma, VWR Purchases Must Go Through ePro Starting February 20

Starting February 20, these vendors will no longer accept purchases from their online catalogs outside of ePro:

  • Staples
  • CDW-G
  • Applied Bio
  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • VWR

Important: Please check to make sure you can sign on to ePro before the cutoff date. Go to the secure ePro page and sign on with your Onyen and password.

System Changes, Fixes, and Tips

Filtering ePro Approval Emails Out of Your Outlook Inbox

ePro does not have a function that lets you turn off email notifications, but you can create a “rule” in Outlook to automatically send ePro messages to a folder. The linked “Filtering ePro Emails” document explains how to set up a rule to filter request-for-approval emails to a folder.

Entering Line-Level Comments No Longer Clears Cost Code Fields

Previously, entering a line-level comment (the “speech balloon” all the way to the right of each line item) cleared the information in the Cost Code fields and reversed any changes you made to accounts or object codes for that line. This problem has been fixed and comments now work correctly.

Approvers Can Now Edit Orders

Some approvers reported problems with being able to make changes to the orders they were approving. As long as you have access to all the accounts used on the order, you should now be able to edit the orders you are approving.

If you have problems with or questions about ePro, contact the Help Desk by calling 962-HELP or by creating a help request from the UNC help website. In the Type of Help Needed field, choose CONNECTCAROLINA_ePROCUREMENT so that your request is routed correctl

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