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To:    Budget Management System Users

From:  Henry Price, University Budget Officer

Date:  July 27, 2010

In years past we have used the ARP file to reset budget and FTE in BMS for the next fiscal year. As you know, this year we will not be using ARP for FY 2010-11 EPA employee July 1st actions. Instead, the Budget Office and ITS have collaborated to create BMS for FY 2010-11.

When you access BMS you may see budget in the account’s 9999999 unallocated row under both the EPA Permanent and EPA Current columns for budget and FTE. This budget and FTE total is comprised of FY 2009-10 “Future Year Only” budget revisions and/or budget from commitments where the permanent employee was terminated effective June 30, 2010 or prior. Also, commitments created during the last ARP or FY 2009-10 will remain in the row if there is a distribution, budget or FTE.

Please take some time to move budgets and FTEs to permanent employee lines, create commitments and all other actions needed to clean up BMS. If this is a new process for you or your staff, use the BMS inquiry screen to locate where budget and FTE is needed and make your adjustments on the BMS distribution screen.

If you need assistance, please contact one of the following:

Thea Crabtree, EPA Position Control – Health Affairs, AHEC, 919-962-5764
Margie Martinez, EPA Position Control, 919-966-1621
Robert Howard, EPA Position Control – Academic Affairs, 919-962-5761

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