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To:    University Business Managers

From: Mary Beth Koza, Director, Department of Environment, Health and Safety, and
Martha Pendergrass, Director of Procurement Services

Date: May 5, 2010

As part of the Carolina Counts initiative, the University has implemented this Courier Service Policy: Packages sent to international locations to which FedEx can deliver and all domestic packages must be shipped through the University’s e‐commerce platform with FedEx.  Utilization of this platform permits access to the E&I (a national purchasing consortium) deep discount pricing. This pricing is only available to UNC-Chapel Hill by way of this platform. International packages sent to locations to which FedEx cannot deliver, must be shipped through the DHL platform. Check requests, including personal reimbursements, and P‐card purchases will not be permitted except in rare circumstances.

To further enhance the Courier Service Policy, the University is moving to better organize shipping activity with We are implementing the Shipper Administration function offered by to organize FedEx shipping at the University.

Shipper Administration is a web-based organizational structure that arranges account numbers and FedEx website users into departments.  This structure offers added functions such as allowing departments to create lists of reference numbers that users can select to improve accounting practices. Shipper administration also allows for an added level of oversight for better compliance with federal regulations. It will allow us to prevent uncertified shippers from shipping dangerous goods packages with FedEx. This system will not change the way you currently use the FedEx website. It will only add extra functions you may choose to utilize.

Compliance with federal regulations for shipping is important. Violations can result in large fines and possibly criminal charges. The FAA has indicated they will hold the individual, not the institution, responsible for dangerous goods shipping violations.

Over the coming months, we will implement this function for each department. The Export Control Specialist, Dan Vick. from the Department of Enviironment, Health and Safety, will contact your department’s business manager to identify the account numbers you use, set up your department structure, and incorporate your existing users into Shipper Administration. He will also explain and teach you to use the added functions of FedEx Shipper Administration.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Vick at

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