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To:     University Business Managers
Human Resources Facilitators

From:  University Payroll Services

Date:  January 14, 2010

Any payments made to employees after January 1, 2010, (first payday will be January 15, 2010,) and subsequent payments for the remainder of calendar year will reflect the new 2010 tax tables issued by the Internal Revenue Service. The effect on the employee’s net amount will vary depending on the employee’s total tax liability for the period and the number of exemptions claimed.

The NC Department of Revenue has issued a new NC-4 form for use beginning January 1, 2010, as well as a 2010 W-4 form. Both are linked from the Payroll Forms page on the Finance Division Web site.  Or you can access them directly:

Please provide information to your employees regarding the tax tables and also begin using the new tax forms.

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