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To:     University Business Managers
Finance Employees

From:  Mark Kozel, Director, Financial Systems and Controls

Date:  July 14, 2009

The FRS fiscal year end close was scheduled to begin this past Friday, July 10. Since the State Funds carry forward requests have not been acted upon by the NC Office of State Budget and Management in Raleigh, it was decided to delay the FRS fiscal year end close. Therefore, FRS and Finance Central will continue to be available until the FRS fiscal year end close process begins. Also, this will allow campus departments time to complete PID-related HR transactions prior to the six day ConnectCarolina online campus directory conversion project which is also scheduled to start on Tuesday, July 14.

The FRS fiscal year end close will occur within this six-day conversion project to minimize downtime for PID-related HR transactions. We will provide you the specific dates for the FRS fiscal year end close as soon as it is scheduled. Please refer to the FRS Bulletin on Finance Central and the mainframe for specific “blackout” times. Thanks for your understanding.

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