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To:      University Business Managers

From:   Mark Sillman, Director Contract Services and Stores

Date:   June 25, 2009

This is a reminder to all departments who currently have gas cylinders regarding the process for updating account billing information.

For National Welders’ Cylinders:

The National Welders’ customer database stores UNC billing account numbers and transmits this information with usage monthly. To request an account number change for a National Welders’ cylinder, contact National Welders Customer Service at 919-544-9699.

To change the default account number on the National Welders Order Screen, please be sure to click the “update button” above the account number field.

For Non National Welders’ Cylinders (e.g. SBO7455):

Contact one of the following individuals to request an update:
A.B. Taylor at 962-3348 or
Kim Mitchell at 843-2029 or

To Change your Default MMD Billing Account Number for all charges:

Contact Mark Sillman at 962-9463 or and provide: department number, old default account number and new default account number.

Account number changes can not be backdated; an online Correcting Entry in Finance Central should be processed to move charges. Account update requests received prior to 3 p.m. are generally processed the same business day, requests received after this time will be processed the next business day.

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