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To:  TIM Administrators
From:  Scholarships and Student Aid

Date:  June 15, 2009

Subject:  Work-Study Announcement from Scholarships and Student Aid
The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid (OSSA) is implementing a MAJOR CHANGE to the way the Federal Work-Study Program is administered starting with the 2010-2011 academic year. Please be advised that this change MAY IMPACT the role you play as TIM Administrator if someone in your department hires a work-study student.

What is Changing?

OSSA will no longer collect payroll forms from work-study students nor will OSSA enter payroll information into the HRIS System. Starting Fall 2010, supervisors and their home departments will assist students with completing payroll forms (electronic I-9 if applicable, W-4, NC-4, Direct Deposit) and will enter payroll information into the HRIS System once a student is hired.

What Does This Mean?

Work-Study students will no longer be housed under the Work-Study Department for payroll purposes. Students will now be listed under the hiring department’s number for payroll purposes and the hiring department TIM Administrator will now serve as the TIM Administrator for work-study students employed under the hiring department. Per the normal process, work-study students (“employees” in TIM) and their supervisors (“managers” in TIM) will approve work hours on a biweekly basis before you (TIM Administrator in TIM) perform the final sign-off.

Why Is This Changing?

In terms of the Federal Work-Study Program, the most important consideration is the student. By making this change, we can better serve our students by sharing the responsibility for making this a successful program and by ensuring the highest standard of quality assurance.

Please note that additional information regarding this change will be sent directly to work-study supervisors and work-study students throughout the summer in preparation for the Fall semester.

Questions and/or concerns should be directed to the following e-mail address:

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