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To: University Business Managers

From: Dennis Press

Date: March 18, 2009

As you know, the budget controls for the “Other Trust Funds” category will take effect on 04/01/09. There will be additional communication next week regarding several budgetary issues being discussed and reviewed as part of these new budget controls standards. With this communication we are providing information on budgets for certain ABR 4 trust funds.

Budgets for trust funds with an Automatic Budget Reallocation (ABR) rule of 4 have a budget which is pooled at expense object code 1000 and is increased during the month-end close for any revenues received that month. Since there are appropriate instances in which expenses may need to be made prior to the receipt of supporting revenues, a procedure has been developed to allow for certain budget revisions if needed.

Please review the linked again for your reference for Certain ABR 4 Trust Funds. Kathi Wimmer in Accounting Services can respond to any questions and can be reached at 919-962-5606 or Thank you.

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