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To:     Human Resource Facilitators and Business Managers

From:  Elizabeth C. (Betsi) Snipes, Director of Payroll Services

Date:  January 6th, 2009

There are numerous checks for pay cycles BW11 – BW13 and M04 – M06 that have not been picked up and distributed to the appropriate employee/s in your departments. These checks have been produced for terminations, certain new hires that haven’t signed up for direct deposit and one time payments. Please make arrangements to pick the checks up and distribute to the employees as soon as possible. Should you need to determine if your department is one that needs to pick up checks each cycle, refer to the Q and A below as it appears in Payroll Services’ policy, Direct Payroll Deposits:

Q: How will department personnel know if they need to pick up paychecks?
A: Each Human Resources Facilitator or the person that is deemed responsible for disbursing pay in their department should check the online 01 check register each pay cycle to determine if there are check/s to pick up for employees. The online 01 check register is available on the day after payroll is run for both biweekly and monthly.

In the future, please remember to check your 01 check register each cycle and make the necessary arrangements to pick up checks and distribute them timely.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this important matter.

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