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To:  Business Managers
Merchant Card Services Staff

From:  Chandrika Rao, Director of Accounting Services

Date:  February 15, 2008

The Finance Division of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in conjunction with the Office of the State Controller has scheduled webinar training for SunTrust Merchant Services new online reporting tool, ClientLine. ClientLine is replacing the current reporting tool which is MyMerchantView. Training is provided for current participants of the Statewide Master Service Agreement for merchant card services with SunTrust Merchant Services.

Trainings will be held Thursday, February 21st, Thursday, February 28th, Tuesday, March 11th, Tuesday, March 18th, Tuesday, April 15th and Tuesday, April 22nd. All sessions are from 10am to 11:30am and the maximum number of participants allowed is 11. These sessions are similar to the training provided in October and November, 2007 on ClientLine.

ClientLine, the online reporting tool provided by SunTrust Merchant Services, assists all merchants with their reconciliation, deposits and chargebacks. ALL UNC Chapel Hill merchants are required to have, at minimum, one individual with access to ClientLine. Best practice is to have one primary user and a backup user. Sign up forms will be provided at the training for those who do not already have access.

As a reminder, each department is “responsible for adhering to internal control standards for the safeguarding of receipts and data, the proper deposit and posting of receipts, and the reconciliation of receipts”. For guidance, please refer to the University policy for Credit Card Merchant Services. This policy may be found in the Accounting Services (ACT) section of the Business Manual as Policy 33. For your reference, attached is an excerpt on “Reconciliation, Settlement and Transaction Posting” from the procedure which supports the Credit Card Merchant Services policy. The complete procedure may be found in the Accounting Services (ACT) section of the Business Manual as Procedure 9.

Users can view information about the sessions and register at UNC-CH Event Registration Browse events by our sponsor name, Finance Training. Registrations will be confirmed by email.

If you have any questions about the Credit Card Merchant program, please contact Emily Coble, Merchant Card Accountant, at 919-962-1601.

If you have any registration questions, please contact Nicole Long at 919-962-3722 or e-mail We look forward to your participation.

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