Purchasing Services

Morse, Troy
Director of Purchasing Services
Phone: (919) 962-3774
Email: troy.morse@unc.edu

Sillman, Mark Thomas
Associate Director, Purchasing Services, Services Commodity Manager
Phone: (919) 962-9463
Email: mark_sillman@unc.edu


Name Role Phone Email
Baldridge, Christy Travel and Payment Services Commodity Manager (919) 962-8727 cbaldridge@unc.edu
Barello, Lynn Furniture, Flooring and Scientific Research Equipment Commodity Manager (919) 962-0265 lynnbare@email.unc.edu
Eubanks, Joe Scientific Research Supplies Commodity Manager (919) 962-9783 joseph_eubanks@unc.edu
Gale, Steven A. Scientific Research Supplies Commodity Manager (919) 843-7860 steve_gale@unc.edu
Little, Danesha S IT Software Commodity Manager (919) 962-3477 dslittle@ad.unc.edu
Waymack, Alicia Information Technology Commodity Manager (919) 962-3769 awaymack@unc.edu
Zayas, Keilin MRO/Vehicles/Printing Services Commodity Manager (919) 962-6286 kzayas@email.unc.edu