The University of Chapel Hill conducts business with many domestic and foreign vendors, as well as Independent Contractors.  Each has its own process of enrollment and policy, which must be adhered to when establishing these services.

  • Most vendor creation and maintenance can be done by department business staff through the campus vendor system, at: ConnectCarolina > Main menu > Finance Menu > UNC Campus > Campus Vendor.
  • For use of the campus vendor system, please see the Campus Vendor Guide. This will walk you through the steps necessary to create or update most vendors.
  • Vendor Documentation Guidelines

For information on a specific vendor area, see the accordions below.

Vendor Payment Processing

To make purchases, create a purchase order, submit a vendor invoice or other information, see our Payment Processing Page under the Purchase Order Tab, How-to-Resources. For established vendors, a quick link to directions on submitting an invoice is below:

How do I update an address for an employee or student vendor?
For an employee or student to update their address they need to update the Campus Directory home address field.
How do I update an address for an outside party-individual, outside party or independent contractor vendor?
To update an address for an outside party-individual, outside party or independent contractor vendor you should submit a vendor request with supporting documentation for the new address.
How do I update ACH information for employee or student vendors?
Student ACH information may be updated by submitting a Campus Vendor request.  ACH information for employees must be updated with Payroll Services.
How do I update the ACH information for an outside party-individual, outside party or independent contractor vendor?
To update ACH information for an outside party-individual, outside party or an independent contractor vendor, you should submit a campus vendor request with the completed ACH form.
How do I submit a campus vendor request?
Please see the campus vendor guide for step by step instructions on the submittal process.
How do I update an existing vendor’s classification?
To update an existing vendor’s classification you need to contact the vendor coordinator. They will ask you what the new classification should be and for supporting documentation or an active PID.

Independent Contractor (IC) Approvals

An individual who is engaged by the University to provide a service could be considered an employee or an independent contractor. The independent contractor is subject to the direction or control of the University only as to the end result, not as to the methods and means used to accomplish that result. The determination that an individual is an independent contractor is to be made prior to the individual’s performance of service. Originating departments are to seek confirmation of independent contractor status from Accounts Payable prior to making any employment commitment or preparing any payment request form(s). Independent contractor hiring includes background checks. See HR policy.

If you need any additional assistance, please review the Domestic Vendors FAQ accordion below.  If you are still have questions, please contact the Vendor Coordinator directly at

Foreign vendors are generally entered manually into Connect Carolina. To create a foreign vendor, contact the Vendor Coordinator at Documents needed for creating or updating a foreign vendor are listed in the updated guidelines for vendors, above, and in selected links below:

Why can I submit a vendor change request through the campus vendor system for some foreign vendors, but not for others?
The campus vendor system cannot process requests for vendors who lack a US TIN (Tax ID Number), like a Social Security Number or employer identification number (EIN). Most foreign vendors do not have a US TIN, so changes to their vendor profile must be submitted directly to the vendor coordinator along with appropriate documentation. However, some foreign vendors will have a US TIN. It is technically possible to update these vendors through the Campus Vendor system, but foreign addresses and banking information can be complex, so it is usually better to submit changes directly to the vendor coordinator.

Why does my vendor need to fill out a W8 or W8BEN-E? They are not even filing a US tax return.
Payments to individuals and bank accounts outside of the United States can be subject to a number of different rules and regulations. In order to ensure that the university is in compliance with all applicable tax, treaty, and reporting obligations, consistent information about all vendors must be collected in the appropriate IRS-provided document. For more information about which type of W8 form is appropriate, please see directions at the top of each form.

Who should complete the Foreign Vendor Creation Form?
The Foreign Vendor Creation Form is intended to be completed by the university representative who is requesting that the vendor be added to the system. This ensures that the profile can be set up correctly by the vendor coordinator.

Can a foreign vendor be paid by check or ACH?
The University cannot mail checks outside of the country. However, if the vendor is living in the US and has a domestic address, a check may be mailed to their domestic address. Additionally, a foreign vendor may be paid by ACH if they have a domestic bank (located in the US). If they provide address or banking information from outside of the US, they must be paid by wire transfer. Please submit appropriate payment information with your vendor creation request.

I have a Student/Employee/Affiliate with an active PID, but no tax ID number. I need to add them as a vendor, what should I do?
Please contact the vendor coordinator with the PID, as these must be adjusted manually.

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