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Tuition and Fees

About Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates are set by the North Carolina Legislature. Fees are set through an on-campus process and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Charges for Attendance (Tuition and Fee Rates)

Tuition Waiver for UNC System Constituent Employees

Employee tuition waiver is available to employees of UNC-Chapel Hill and other UNC System campuses under certain conditions in accordance with the UNC-Chapel Hill’s Tuition Waiver policies. The University’s tuition waiver policy may be viewed by clicking here. Employees of other UNC System campuses should seek assistance from their campus Human Resources office on specific procedures and forms for using this benefit.

Employees seeking the waiver should be certain to confirm whether the tuition waiver applies to the particular program or school offering the course(s) of interest by contacting that program office directly. Not all coursework is eligible for the tuition waiver. For example, waiver of Summer School classes is only available to UNC-Chapel Hill employees and not employees of other UNC campuses.

Tuition Surcharge

Effective Fall 2010, undergraduate students seeking a baccalaureate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill will be subject to a 50 percent tuition surcharge as required by the North Carolina General Statute Section 9.10.(b) § 116-143.7. Session Law 2009-451. Prior to Fall 2010, the surcharge is 25 percent. No surcharge will be imposed on any student who exceeds the degree credit hour limits within the equivalent of four academic years of regular term enrollment, or within five years of regular term enrollment in a degree program officially designated by the Board of Governors as a five-year program. As of Fall 2009, UNC-Chapel Hill has no five-year programs approved by the Board of Governors. Click here for further explanation of how degree credit hours are determined.

Student Fees

Determining Fees

Oversight of tuition and student fee recommendations rests with the Tuition and Fee Advisory Taskforce (TFAT), which is co-chaired by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and the Student Body President. Due to the intricacies of student fees, the Student Fee Advisory Subcommittee (SFAS), a subcommittee of the TFAT, manages the student fee submission and review process. The members of the SFAS review the fee requests as a basis for their recommendations to the TFAT. The final decision on fee proposals to the University’s Board of Trustees remains with the Chancellor. Once Board of Trustee approval is received, the fee requests are then forwarded to the UNC System Board of Governors for consideration, except for Miscellaneous Charges, which only require the approval of the Chancellor and the President.

Fees Changes – Fall 2010

The University has determined that students enrolled in Part-Time Classroom Studies and Off-Campus Credit Studies will be assessed the Educational and Technology (E&T) Fee beginning with the Fall 2010 term. This fee is in addition to the Administrative Systems, Association of Student Governments and Student Information System Registration Fees that have previously been assessed. The E&T Fee helps pay for costs related to classroom, laboratory and computer lab support.

In addition, all fees for these students will be assessed on a per credit hour basis rather than a flat basis. For undergraduate level programs, the combined rate is $16.86 per credit hour. For graduate level programs, the combined rate is $24.48 per credit hour.

Fee Rates and Descriptions

The Student Fee Rates document provides detailed information about to which students fees are charged. Included in this document are both summary and detailed lists of fees that all students pay as well as a detailed list of fees that only certain students pay.

A Description of Student Fees is available to explain the abbreviated fees as they appear on a student’s bill. Details include the programs and services supported by each total fee.

Fees and Tax Reporting

For a list of fees excluded from Form 1098-T reporting, see the Student Tax Reporting page.

Student Fee Waiver

The Request for Waiver of Student Fees form must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office for approval no later than the last day to drop a class for tuition credit (the term census date) for the term for which the waiver is being applied. UNC employees who have submitted a Tuition Waiver Application for Faculty/Staff form through the Office of Human Resources – Benefits office do not need to submit the Request for Waiver of Student Fees form to the Cashier’s Office for the same term. Information about our Fee Waiver Policy is linked here.

Prior Academic Year Rates and Important Dates

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