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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Please refer to our section Payment Options and Access.
  • Can I make a payment over the phone?
    No, we do not accept payments over the phone. Please see our section Payment Options and Access.
  • Do you accept post-dated checks?
    No, the law requires us to process and deposit checks within one business day.
  • Where should I mail scholarship checks?
    You can mail scholarships checks to:
    Student Accounts & University Receivables
    2215 SASB N CB 1400
    450 Ridge Road
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1400
    Please be sure to include the student’s PID on the check and also complete the “Outside” Scholarship/Benefit Payment Submission form found on the financial aid Web site.
  • Who do I make checks payable to?
    Please make checks payable to UNC-Chapel Hill.

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  • What is a cashier’s hold?
    A cashier’s hold is placed on your account because you have a balance that is past due. Once that balance has been paid in full, the hold can be removed. Our hold prevents registration, transcript and diploma release.
  • Why do I have a hold on my account?
    You may have a past due balance on your account. Please look at your account history in the Student Center on ConnectCarolina. If, on your most recent billing statement, there is a previous balance that has not yet been resolved, then you have a past due balance.
  • Do I have to pay the whole balance to get the hold removed?
    If the entire balance on your account is past due, then yes, you have to pay the whole amount to get the hold removed. If only part of your balance is past due, then you may want to contact our office at to determine the amount that needs to be paid in order for the hold to be lifted.
  • If I make payments toward my balance, can the hold be removed?
    We appreciate your efforts to make payments toward your balance. We cannot remove the stop/hold until the balance is paid in full.

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Billing Statements

  • Can you mail the billing statements?
    Beginning with fall 2010 semester, billing statements will be available to view in the ConnectCarolina Student Center. Enrolled students will receive an email notification to their business email address when a new billing statement is generated. Bills will only be mailed to students who have left the University and are no longer actively enrolled.
  • How do I find my bill?
    Students can go to ConnectCarolina and log in with their Onyen and password. This allows you to access the Student Center. In the Finances section, click on Pay Bills/Manage Student Finances. Click on the eBills tab, select the statement to view from the dropdown box and click on Go. The statement will appear in the next tab or new window, depending on your browser settings. You must have your pop-up blockers disabled to view the account and billing statement.
  • How can I defer my bill?
    This option is only available to students. Click here for deferment instructions.
  • I am getting a scholarship; do I have to pay the whole amount due?
    No, you can defer the amount covered by the scholarship(s) from your bill and pay the estimated difference.
  • I am fully funded, why am I receiving a billing statement?
    All students with a balance receive a billing statement. Some charges may not be covered by your scholarship. It is important that you review each statement carefully.
  • What does Refund mean on my billing statement?
    There was a credit on your account at one time and a refund check has been issued to the student.
  • Why am I receiving a bill if I am using TMS?
    Compare the bill you receive from UNC with your budget from TMS to make sure your budget is correct. If you have library fines or campus health charges, they cannot be budgeted with TMS.
  • I am having problems downloading my billing statement through TouchNet. What are some things I can do to improve the performance of the download?
    There are a few steps you can try with your web browser to help access your bill:

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Student Health Insurance

  • Why am I being charged a Student Health Fee AND a Student Health Insurance Fee?
    The “Student Health Fee” is one of the mandatory student fees charged to students at UNC Chapel Hill. The fee entitles the student to use of Campus Health Services and covers most, but not all charges that may be incurred there. The “Student Health Insurance Fee” is a health insurance premium related to the new Fall 2010 requirement that all students enrolled in UNC system colleges and universities have health insurance coverage. Students who already have coverage may waive out through the Campus Health website. Please visit Campus Health Services for more detailed information about mandatory health insurance.
  • What does CHS INV mean on my billing statement?
    CHS INV represents charges on your account from Campus Health Services. If you have questions about the charges, please contact Campus Health Services.
  • I have my own health insurance, how do I waive the mandatory insurance coverage?
    See Campus Health Services.

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Tax Questions

  • I did not get my 1098-T (tuition tax statement), how can I get another one?
    1098-T forms are available in Connect Carolina. Log in to your account and print one from there. If you are an alumni needing a 1098-T form, you can get access to your account by going to ConnectCarolina. Scroll down and click on Alumni Center and follow the instructions on getting access to your account.
  • I graduated last May. Why didn’t I receive a 1098-T form?
    The 1098-T only reports the amount of tuition that UNC billed you (box 2), and the amount of scholarships or grants you received (box 5). Because the spring semester begins in January, most students are billed for that term’s tuition and fees in the PRIOR calendar year. For example, tuition and fees for spring 2010 were billed in late 2009 so you would not have a value for box 2 in 2010. If you did not receive any scholarships or grants, you also would not have a box 5 value. Because there are no values for these boxes, a 1098-T was not generated for you.
  • Can you email the 1098-T form?
  • How do you get the amounts listed on the 1098-T form?
    Visit our Student Tax Reporting page for more information.
  • Why doesn’t the 1098-T form show what I paid for the year?
    Read our 1098-T page for more information.
  • I did not receive my 1099 or W2, how do I get another one?
    For 1099 questions, please contact Disbursement Services. For W2 questions, please contact Payroll Services.

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Account Access

  • How do I log in to the Student Center on ConnectCarolina?
    To login, you must use your ONYEN and password. Authorized user access is listed below.
  • What is a privacy flag? How was it placed on my account and how can it be removed?
    This information is located on the Registrar’s Web site.
  • Where can authorized users log in to view student financial information?
    Authorized users can log in here.
  • How can I set-up an authorized user?
    Instructions on how to set-up an authorized user are located here.
  • How do I access my account if my password has expired?
    If you are an authorized user and your password has expired, you can request a new temporary password by clicking on “Forgot your password?” below the green login button on the authorized users account access page.
  • If I am a proxy for a student, do I need to be an authorized user?
    If you want access to student financial information, then yes, you do need to be set-up as an authorized user.
  • Where can I see my account detail online?
    Log in to the Student Center on ConnectCarolina, and click on Pay Bills/Manage Student Finances.
  • How can I update my mailing address? 
  • Visit the Registrar’s website.
Accessing Alumni Links
  • If you would like to make an online payment but your onyen (username) and password to your student account has expired, you can register for a UNC guest ID and password at this web address:  Once you receive a UNC guest ID and password you will be able to log into your student account to make online payments.

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  • We do not advance financial aid refunds in anticipation of departmental funding. Our system allows departmental funding to be disbursed like financial aid within about the same time frames. If we have not received your departmental funding, we will soon and your refund will be posted within a day or two of your account having a credit balance. Once we post the refund, it does take 2-3 days to be delivered either by check to our office for pick up or to your bank by direct deposit.

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Departmentally Funded Graduate Students

  • My tuition and fees are being paid by my department or fellowship.  Why would I have a prepayment hold?
    Students not registered prior to the prepayment period will automatically have a prepayment hold placed on their account blocking registration.  In order for the prepayment hold to be removed, the student must either pre-pay or provide proof of financial aid prior to having the hold released.  If you are departmentally funded and will be receiving tuition awards, have the department notify  Once the award has been verified in GradStar, the Cashier’s Office will remove the prepayment hold.
  • My tuition and fees are being paid by my department or fellowship.  Do I need to defer my charges?
    Yes, all students receiving financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships, third party or departmental funding) need to request a deferment.  This will extend your due date by two weeks, allowing more time for the funds to be received and posted to your student account.
  • I am covered under the Graduate School health insurance.  Why am I being charged for the mandatory student health insurance?
    All students are charged for the mandatory student health insurance plan until they waive out.  Enrollment and waiver information can be found here or in the Quick Links section of the Student Account Services website.
  •  When is the deadline for turning in the Graduate Payroll Deduction forms?
    Due to the campus wide implementation of ConnectCarolina Finance, payroll deduction for graduate students has been suspended. In lieu, we will offer a temporary payment plan that will allow graduate students to continue to remit their mandatory fee payments in three installments. The 2015 spring semester Graduate Student Employee Payment Plan forms are due in our office on Jan. 21, 2015. The original signed form must be in our office; faxed or emailed forms will not be accepted. Students will be responsible for making monthly payments to the Cashier’s Office in January, February and March by the end of each month.

    • January paycheck – 1/3 of the fees due on Jan. 31 (grace period provided until Feb. 5).
    • February paycheck – 1/3 of the fees due on Feb. 28 (grace period provided until March 5).
    • March paycheck – 1/3 of the fees due on March 31 (grace period provided until April 5).

If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact Cassandra Gregory at 919-843-5384.

Please note:  If a student is receiving a non-service award or other financial aid, the student does not qualify for payroll deductions.  The fees will automatically be deducted from the non-service award or financial aid.

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