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Expenses for travel on official business by employees of the University are reimbursed at the following rates as set forth by legislation: Travel by private care is reimbursable at $0.56 per mile, as of Jan. 1, 2014. Transportation by airline, bus, railroad or other conveyance is reimbursed at the actual tourist class fare. University travelers are obligated to use a State vehicle (if available) when the round trip exceeds 100 miles. The reimbursement rate is $0.30 per mile when an individual uses a personal car when a state car is available. Reimbursement of rental car charges requires a justification letter. 

To see a full reference list of travel expenses, visit the Policy and Procedure Manual website.


Subsistence is the amount claimed for room, meals and reasonable gratuities, not to exceed the statutory limits below. (For partial day and excess subsistence information, see Policy 1302 – Statutory Provisions and Maximum Rates for Travel.) Reimbursement for lodging may be made only in the amount documented by a receipt of actual lodging expenses from a commercial lodging establishment.


For less than 24-hour period, use applicable items only.

Type Object Code In-State Rate Object Code Out-of-State Rate

Federal Rates
Excess Meals allowed dependent on funding source.

Breakfast 3115 $8.20 3125 $8.20
Lunch 3115 $10.70 3125 $10.70
Dinner 3115 $18.40 3125 $20.90
TOTAL MEALS $37.30 $39.80
Lodging 3114 $65.90 3124 $77.90
Total Allowance $103.20 $117.70

Object Codes

Type In-State Out-of-State Out-of-Country
Airfare 3111 3121 3131
Car, Train, Bus, Taxi, Rental Car, Rental Car Gas, Parking, Tolls 3112 3122 3132
Water Transportation 3113 3123 3133
Lodging 3114 3124 3134
Meals 3115 3125 3135
Other Expenses: Baggage Handling Tips, Telecom Fees 3116 3126 3136
Registration 3119 3129 3139