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Topic Email Support Phone Departmental Contact List
Accounting Services 919-962-0036 Accounting Services
Asset Management 919-962-1382 Asset Management
Athletic Scholarships 919-843-5384 University Cashier
Budget Office 919-966-3251 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Cash Management 919-962-0036 Cash Management
Cashier 919-962-1368 University Cashier
Commitment/Labor Accounting N/A Commitment/Labor Accounting
Communications 919-962-7242
Construction and General Accounting 919-962-0036 Construction and General Accounting
Department Funded Student Accounts 919-843-0169 University Cashier
Departmental Deposits N/A University Cashier
Direct Deposit (Student Refund) N/A University Cashier
Emergency Loans N/A University Cashier
Financial Accounting 919-962-0036 Financial Accounting
Financial Reporting and Management Services 919-843-2694 Financial Reporting and Management Services
General Finance Help 919-962-7242 Finance and Accounting
GradStar or Graduate Student Payroll Deduction N/A University Cashier
Internal Controls 919-962-1363 Internal Controls
Investment Accounting 919-962-0036 Foundation and Investment Accounting
Merchant Cards 919-962-0036 Merchant Services and PCI Compliance
Past Due Student Accounts 919-962-1368 University Cashier
Payroll Services 919-962-0046 Payroll Services
Position Control 919-966-3251 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Procurement Logistics 919-962-2251 Logistics
Procurement Services 919-962-2251 Procurement Services
Purchasing Card (P-Card) 919-962-2251 P-Card
Purchasing Services 919-962-2251 Purchasing Services
Refunds 919-962-1368 University Cashier
Sponsored Student Billing 919-843-0169 University Cashier
Student Account Wire Payment N/A University Cashier
Student Loans 919-962-6824 University Cashier
Surplus Property 919-962-2134 Surplus Property & Retail Store
TIM (Time Information Management) 919-962-HELP (4357) Time Information Management
Training 919-962-6458 Training and Development
Travel Reimbursements 919-962-0213 Travel Services
Treasury 919-962-3722 Treasury
Tuition and/or Fee Waiver N/A University Cashier
Tuition Installment Plan N/A University Cashier
Vendor Payments 919-962-0213 Disbursement Services

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Name Role Phone Email Department/Unit
Adcock, Rita A. Accounting Technician (EHRA Monthly) (919) 962-7986 Payroll Services
Asad, Lamees Investment Accountant (919) 962-5732 Foundation and Investment Accounting
Baucom, DeAhn H. University Cashier (919) 962-1368 University Cashier
Bell, McGregor Budget Director (919) 962-5760 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Braxton, Beverly R. Administrative Associate (919) 962-2258 Purchasing Services
Brooks, Brandon S. EHRA Monthly Payroll Accountant (919) 962-0048 Payroll Services
Brownlow, Miranda Foundation Accountant (919) 962-6272 Foundation and Investment Accounting
Burton, Paige Executive Director, Budget, Planning and Analysis (919) 962-6505 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Cameron, Rick Vehicle Operator N/A Logistics
Carlson, John Richard Foundation and Investment Accounting Manager (919) 843-4476 Foundation and Investment Accounting
Carruthers, Kelly Systems Analyst (919) 843-6627 University Cashier
Chao, Yahui Financial Analyst (919) 962-5768 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Chow, Andrew University Cash Manager (919) 962-1601 Cash Management
Clapp, Donna Student Account Specialist (919) 962-1360 University Cashier
Cox, Andrea M. NRA Accounting Technician (919) 962-7980 Payroll Services
Coyne, Darren Thomas Support Services Associate (919) 537-3512 Logistics
Cozart, Rochelle Student Account Specialist (919) 962-1360 University Cashier
Crabtree, Panthea Accountant (Part-time)/EHRA Position Control (919) 966-1621 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Dail, Larez Vehicle Operator N/A Logistics
Davidson, Benjamin Director of Tax Policy and Analysis and Assistant University Counsel (919) 962-6365 Tax Policy and Analysis
Davis, Angela Spivey Assistant Director, Accounting & Systems (919) 962-5848 University Cashier
Dunivant, Kristen TIM Analyst N/A Time Information Management
Durkin, Brian Payment Support Technician (919) 962-2254 Disbursement Services
Durkin, Brian Travel Technician (919) 843-5097 Travel Services
Dwyer, Scott Treasury Operations Manager (919) 843-7803 Treasury
Erwin, Charles Vehicle Operator (919) 843-2008 Logistics
Eubanks, Joe Purchasing Agent (919) 962-9783 Purchasing Services
Fontanez, Yamaris Payment Expeditor (919) 843-5047 Disbursement Services
Freedman, Carol Ann Check Distribution Clerk (919) 962-0748 Disbursement Services
Gale, Steven A. Commodities Manager (919) 843-7860 Purchasing Services
Gaster, Karen Administrative Support Specialist (919) 962-1382 Asset Management
George Jr., Thomas Judson Cash Management Support Specialist (919) 962-3831 Cash Management
Gibson, Beverly D. Travel Vouchering Associate (919) 843-5095 Travel Services
Goodman, Randy L. Vehicle Operator (919) 843-2009 Logistics
Gregory, Cassandra Collections Coordinator (919) 843-5384 University Cashier
Grogan, Patrick Craig Payroll Applications Analyst (919) 962-7983 Payroll Services
Gunn-Johnson, Cynthia Marie Accounting Technician (919) 962-7981 Payroll Services
Hallback, Deon Commitment Accountant (919) 962-6445 Commitment/Labor Accounting
Hanford, Justin Purchase Order Team Leader (919) 962-0746 Disbursement Services
Harper, Wyatt Vouchering Clerk Disbursement Services
Helms, Margarita Business Services Coordinator (919) 962-7818 Accounting Services
Hewett, Bryan Vehicle Operator (919) 962-2134 Surplus Property & Retail Store
Holt, Steve Vehicle Operator N/A Logistics
Howell, Kathy Accounting Tech (919) 843-4635 Logistics
Hughes, Matt Executive Assistant (919) 962-7237 Finance and Accounting
Hwang-Strickland, Jessica ShuJyun Capital Asset Manager (919) 962-6267 Asset Management
James, Cathi Lea Accountant (919) 843-6119 Financial Accounting
Javalkar, Bharati (B.J.) S. Accountant (919) 962-4546 Construction and General Accounting
Jeffries, Helen Budget Officer (919) 962-5767 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Jeter, Alfred Surplus Property Officer (919) 962-2134 Surplus Property & Retail Store
Jimmerson, Beau Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing & Payment Services (919) 962-8150 Strategic Sourcing and Payment Services
Johnson, Shawn Lead Student Account Specialist (919) 962-5855 University Cashier
Johnson, Deborah Webb Accountant (919) 962-7026 Financial Accounting
Johnson, Kimberly Denise Budget Analyst (919) 962-5762 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Jones, Jessica Vendor Coordinator (919) 843-5046 Disbursement Services
Jorgenson, Tammy Ann Accounting Technician (919) 962-7793 Cash Management
Juliano, Marikae D. Accountant (919) 843-5502 University Cashier
Kennedy, Erik Zane Accounting Technician (919) 962-5851 University Cashier
Kidd, Stephanie Treasury Accountant (919) 962-2759 Treasury
Kimbrough, Keyana Special Accounts Manager (919) 962-5853 University Cashier
Ladd, Diane Senior Accounts Specialist (919) 962-9485 University Cashier
Lakomiak, Sally Business Systems Analyst (919) 962-0795 Payroll Services
Law, Bernard Director, Purchasing Services (919) 962-3774 Purchasing Services
LeDoux, Judy Kay Disbursement Accountant (919) 843-5096 Disbursement Services
Lewis Jr, Ron G Stock Clerk N/A Logistics
Liu, Nan Accountant (919) 962-6301 Cash Management
Lucus, David Payroll Tax Manager (919) 843-0383 Payroll Services
Luley, Rose Gallahan Cashier/Receptionist (919) 962-2134 Surplus Property & Retail Store
Makatiani, Evelyn Accountant (919) 962-7792 Accounting Services
Malik, Arun Foreign Vendor Coordinator (919) 962-1685 Disbursement Services
Manlove, Jon B. PCI Compliance Manager (919) 962-5512 Merchant Services and PCI Compliance
Many Atangana, Grace C Vendor Coordinator (919) 843-5049 Disbursement Services
Martin, Ebony Accountant (919) 962-0038 Construction and General Accounting
May, Stephanie NRA Accounting Technician N/A Payroll Services
Maynard, Gary Assistant Director, Compliance & Communication (919) 962-5844 University Cashier
McAndrew, Elizabeth Director of Financial Reporting & Management Services (919) 843-2694 Financial Reporting and Management Services
Medlin, John Senior Purchasing Agent (919) 962-3772 Purchasing Services
Melvin, Rhoda G Accountant (919) 962-2254 Procurement Services
Miller, Walter Acting Interim Director of Payroll Services (919) 962-0472 Commitment/Labor Accounting
Payroll Services
Milliken, Teddy M. Surplus Property Associate (919) 962-2134 Surplus Property & Retail Store
Myers, Bob Purchasing Agent (919) 962-3769 Purchasing Services
Nash, Kristy Associate University Cashier (919) 962-1368 University Cashier
Neely, Christina M. Administrative Manager (919) 962-9481 University Cashier
O’Neal, Brooke E. Merchant Services Manager (919) 843-0420 Merchant Services and PCI Compliance
Oldenburg, Richard Purchasing Agent (919) 962-3773 Purchasing Services
Olson, Sheri A. Finance Business Analyst (919) 843-7088 Financial Reporting and Management Services
Orr, Kim Accounting Technician (919) 962-5846 University Cashier
Pecaut, Karin Financial Accountant (919) 962-6923 Financial Reporting and Management Services
Peden, Ariana Customer Support Associate (919) 962-2256 Purchasing Services
Pendergrass, Martha Joines Director, Procurement Services (919) 843-5048 Procurement Services
Pitts, Ricky Jackson Vouchering Clerk Disbursement Services
Poole, Dale IT Contracts Manager (919) 962-3477 Purchasing Services
Price, Henry Associate Director/Budget Officer (919) 962-5765 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Qu, Kangwei Accounting Technician (919) 962-7794 Accounting Services
Rao, Chandrika R. Associate Controller and Senior Director of Accounting Services (919) 843-8198 Accounting Services
Revelle, Bernice J. Accounting Technician (919) 843-8965 Cash Management
Rhodes, Tadd Accounting Technician (919) 962-5856 University Cashier
Rice, Gayle Cash Management Support Specialist (919) 962-5763 Cash Management
Riebold, Amanda Commitment Accountant (919) 962-4313 Commitment/Labor Accounting
Riggans, Cleo Accounting Technician (919) 962-7987 Payroll Services
Riggs, Joshua Vehicle Operator N/A Logistics
Robinson, Catherine Call Center Lead (919) 843-3487 University Cashier
Rodriguez, Ethel Travel Advance Technician (919) 843-5094 Travel Services
Rupert, Janet Matthies Director, Systems and Operations (919) 843-5098 Systems and Operations
Sappick-Sprague, Mary Customer Service Specialist (919) 962-1678 Disbursement Services
Schaffer, Alex Vouchering Clerk N/A Disbursement Services
Schiavone, Elizabeth CI & General Accountant (919) 962-5606 Construction and General Accounting
Schneeberger, Thomas Assistant Director (919) 962-1362 Financial Reporting and Management Services
Segedy, Robert Mark Purchasing Agent (919) 962-3476 Purchasing Services
Shen, Hua P-card Administrator (919) 962-2255 P-Card
Sheppard, Barbara Student Refund Coordinator (919) 962-5847 University Cashier
Sillman, Mark Thomas Associate Director, Purchasing Services (919) 962-9463 Purchasing Services
Smith, Brian T. Senior Assistant Vice Chancellor and Treasurer (919) 843-6043 Finance and Accounting
Smith, Rodney Internal Controls Reporter (919) 966-6936 Enterprise Financial Accounting and University Controller
Internal Controls
Soberano, Rodrigo Central Audit (919) 962-0131 Disbursement Services
Thurheimer, Kenneth D. Purchase Order Technician Disbursement Services
Tilley, Kristi M. Dental Storeroom Manager (919) 537-3493 Logistics
Torain, Yolanda Accountant (919) 962-0919 Payroll Services
Tropiano, Carole A. Accountant/EHRA Position Control (919) 962-5764 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Turner, Aimee Executive Director, Enterprise Financial Accounting and University Controller/Internal Controls Officer (919) 962-7008 Enterprise Financial Accounting and University Controller
Internal Controls
Vacant Central Audit Team Leader (919) 962-0747 Disbursement Services
Vacant Vouchering Clerk (919) 962-9462 Disbursement Services
Vance, G. Stephen 1099 Technician (919) 843-5093 Disbursement Services
Wagner, Matthew Treasury Services Analyst (919) 843-0037 Treasury
Walden, Sandra M. PO Vouchering Associate Disbursement Services
Wang, Yiwen Financial Accountant (919) 962-4245 Financial Accounting
Watkins, Robin Bradshaw Student Account Specialist (919) 962-5852 University Cashier
Watson, Steven Vehicle Operator N/A Logistics
Watson, Teresa B. Administrative Assistant/SHRA Position Control (919) 966-3251 Budget, Planning and Analysis
Weeks, Soji Accounting Technician (919) 843-2029 Logistics
Whitaker, Carolyn Dodson Accounting Temp (919) 843-5275 University Cashier
Wiley, Tracey Procurement Officer (919) 962-6286 Procurement Services
Williams, Beth C. Assistant Director-Loan Systems (919) 843-7013 University Cashier
Williams, Jameka Accounting Technician (919) 962-0039 Construction and General Accounting
Wilson-Grissom, Missilina Accounting Technician (919) 843-5097 Travel Services
Winley, Jezreel Accounting Technician N/A Disbursement Services
Winston, Phillip Glenn Vehicle Operator (919) 843-3624 Logistics
Yameen, Ammar Director, Strategic Supply (919) 962-0739 Strategic Supply
Zundel, Diane Marie Admin Support Specialist (919) 962-0047 Payroll Services
Administrative Office Building

Main Office

Administrative Office Building
104 Airport Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599 (Map)

Phone: 919-962-7242, Fax: 919-962-4140

ITS Manning

Business Analysis Office

ITS Manning
211 Manning Dr., CB #3429
Chapel Hill, NC 27599 (Map)

SASB North

Cashier’s Office

Suite 2215 SASB North
(Student and Academic Services Building)
450 Ridge Road, CB #1400
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1400 (Map)
Office Hours: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. M-F

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